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Finally I said, "You want me to fuck my own mother?

" "I didn't say I want you to fuck your mother Buddy-boy. If you don't know the difference, then fuck you." He placed his palms on the table and made to push himself up.

I began to reach for it thankful for the interruption but Dad grabbed my hand.

"Let it go to voicemail." "It could be important..." "So is this, Son." "Sorry, Dad," I turned my attention back to him.

She needs to be desired, to be held, to respond to her lover's body.

She'll never get that from a vibrator." "Oh." My cell phone began to buzz.

As well they should, however, the Supreme Court has ruled that under the 14th Amendment's due process clause private consensual sexual activity between adults cannot be criminal. The white material was transparent enough to reveal the darker outline of her areolas and her hard nipples tented the fabric. I looked at my father hoping I wasn't drooling noticeably with lust. Let her know how much you want her, how much you desire her and how much you love her." We rose from the table. The waitress flirted with me as we left but I hardly noticed. My afternoon sales call had been successful and I was going back to San Diego with several big orders. I stomped my snow-covered shoes on the porch and opened the door. I wiped my feet on the rug and headed to the warmth of the kitchen.

Satisfying mother "I have something I want to show you, Son." said my father, pushing his PDA across the table to me. I looked at my father my eyebrows raised in surprise.She squeezed her big breasts and tugged on her hard nipples. Suddenly she threw the vibrator against the wall and she began crying, tears streamed down her face and she wailed in agony. My mouth was gaping open in shock as I pushed the PDA back across the table to my father. "I wasn't sure how to broach this subject with you so I thought it would be best to show you." "What's that mean? "What kind of pervert shows his own son a video of his mother masturbating? He choked, "I'm not healthy enough to have sex," and a tear ran down his face. I had never seen my father like this before he had always been a rock. "I'm sorry to hear that, Dad, I really am but what does that have to do with you showing me a voyeur tape of my own mother?She continued to pinch her left nipple she picked up a rabbit vibrator. Her bald labia was swollen and wet beneath a sandy colored landing strip of pubic hair. Even when he had been in the hospital he had shown such strength, the doctors had said that his heart attack would have killed a lesser man. Of course you know all that," he snapped back from his reminisces. The confident take-on-all-comers man's man I knew was changing into an unsure, defeated wimp. " He took a deep breath and continued, "You're not blind so I know you know your mother is a very beautiful and vibrant woman. sevihcra etis eht tuo kceh C -Next update will be next Thursday. Nop exop top upop dop ate wop ilop bop e nop ex op top Top hop uop rop sop dop ay. -Tell your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and neighbours to check out ORSM-DOT-NET otherwise my friend Ray will sever one of your achilles tendons.

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