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Scroll up and down to find the fonts you are looking for.The fonts are loaded and can be used in your images.The verse server that is built from the source is compatable with blender. I finally managed to get verse working and the two programs to communicate with each other.However, there is one really big problem - it appears it doesn't support layers.I finally managed to get verse working and the two programs to communicate with each other.I think I read somewhere that the team behind Elephants dream used the gimp-verse-blender trio in their production pipeline and I can't imagine them using it in such a clumsy way without image layers. I must also mention that blender's UV/image window sometimes acts strangely, it doesn't update images as it should, this is most probably due to bad graphics drivers. I use: one of the latest Blender SVN builds with Verse from Gimp 2.2.15 Gimp Verse plugin from this site Uni-Verse-r6p1 My specifications: Windows XP SP2 ATI radenon 9600 Some AMD processor 2,3 Ghz 1GB RAM No changes are displayed when I merge the layers so it's not really usable.Downloaded and installed [SIZE=2][COLOR=#799fb0]000380_Blender243_SSE2with verse verse-gimp-win-r6p1verse [/COLOR][/SIZE]Started Verse server Opened a file in GIMP - "Subscribe" file (whatever that means) Connected to local host in Blender, opened same file in Blender image window.Expected (hoped more like it) to see an update of GIMP changes in Blender window I've got the r6p1 of the plugin and the of verse cheers, Neil [SIZE=2][COLOR=#799fb0][/COLOR][/SIZE] No problem Nebular, thanks Koba, and Dread Knight..will find all sorts of goodies at one has verse The only problem with this system is that you have to do a rough map out with the Blender Paint tool, save, then do the rest of your editing in GIMP. This may not be entirely accurate but, as far as that build goes, CVS and the other builds on Graphicall are kinda like a wip of the next version.

Koba Well it's time to give you a shout, Koba 9as I really have no idea what i'm doing here - (artist not technician) Here's what I did...you tell me what I've missed?

You can't easily use the tools simultaneously (or I haven't worked out an easy method yet). Tip: A very good way to texture something in a 2d enviroment (gimp/photoshop) si to use an ambient occlusion map as guide, besides the normal UV layout : P Edit: wow, this build is awsome! wip of the next official release or just something custom? Google "Blender CVS" for more info Graphicall has builds that have stuff that will not necessarily go in the next version (or any version). It's like getting a unofficial"mini" release every few days.

It sounds like you are trying to build the gimp plugin against the verse source that is included within the blender source. You have to get the verse source from the actual subversion repository, build it (that's where libverse.a is created) and then build the gimp plugin against it. I'm trying to set up a blender-gimp workflow so I could make textures in gimp for models in blender.

To install the fonts, open the folder where you stored them, press "Ctrl-A" to select all fonts, right-click one of them and select "Install" from the context menu.

The fonts are installed in the default Fonts folder, so that GIMP can easily find and load them.

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