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George was a pragmatic man, not given to such flights of fancy, but he did have two more daughters to think about.So, if only to set the minds of his neighbors at ease, he arranged for a doctor from Wickford, named Metcalf, to accompany a small group of friends and neighbors to the cemetery on the 17th of March.

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Once uncovered, the bodies of both Marys were found to be in a state of advanced decay, which was only to be expected since they had been dead almost ten years.

While Edwin was gone, his sister Mercy Lena also became sick. After Mercy's death George's neighbors began insisting he do something.

Local superstition suggested that perhaps one of the deceased family members was rising from the grave to consume the life of the living.

Mercy's was the last of five alleged Rhode Island vampire cases, dating back to 1796.

After the Mercy Brown exhumation in 1892, nobody in Rhode Island ever dug up the body of a suspected vampire again, probably because in 1882, it was discovered that tuberculosis (or "consumption") was spread by bacteria. Rumors still persist of ghostly goings-on up at Historical Cemetery #22.

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