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Around 1350 BC, the Amarna tablets include 60 letters from Rib-Hadda and his successor Ili-Rapih who were rulers of Byblos, writing to the Egyptian government.This is mainly due to Rib-Hadda's constant pleas for military assistance from Akhenaten.Jacques Cauvin published studies of flint tools from the stratified Neolithic and Chalcolithic sites in 1962.Néolithique Ancien was a later settlement than others in the Beqaa Valley such as Labweh and Ard Tlaili.

Coinage was in use, and there is abundant evidence of continued trade with other Mediterranean countries.They also deal with the conquest of neighboring city-states by the Hapiru.It appears Egyptian contact peaked during the 19th dynasty, only to decline during the 20th and 21st dynasties.During the 3rd millennium BC, the first signs of a town can be observed, with the remains of well-built houses of uniform size.This was the period when the Canaanite civilization began to develop.

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