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When things start to get too serious, he tries to cool the relationship down by telling you that he needs space.If he is afraid of actually breaking up with you, he might say things like, “we’re moving too fast, need to take a step back,” as a hint.You need to make sure that both of you are or are not exclusive so that you do not misjudge what you can and cannot do.If he thinks you are both exclusive and just taking space, then dating someone else will be viewed as cheating.This is also a time when you should consider the “exclusive or not” talk.If he wants to take a step back from the relationship and date around, then it is only fair that you can do so as well. If he just wants space, he might expect you to remain exclusive.He wants to make sure that you are the right one and that he is truly ready for a commitment before he wastes your time.

He wants to make sure that he is making the right decision and living a balanced life.

Good guys will just tell you that they want a sexual, casual fling.

Unfortunately, some guys are afraid of telling you what they want because of how you would react.

If his, “we’re moving too fast and need to take a step back,” was code for a break up, he will not reach out to you at all.

If he does call, text or see you during that time, then he genuinely meant that he just wanted to take things slower.

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