Gay anarchist dating

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I crawl back into the closet and implore mom/dad to sign off on the papers allowing me to go to military school THEY SIGNED IT.

Runs away from Bio-mom and swears to get little brother someday Age 15 SO STOKED ON LIFE OMG. I got a 4.0 that summer and the scholarship was extended to the school year.

I ranked as Sergeant, was involved in 4 sports, and was enrolled in all-college courses the last semester Reccession=no scholarship Flies back to California Goes to school at local high school–live with family friends Homeless time Youngest elected Board member at a major LGBT non-profit Age 16-21 Tests out of high school Goes back to Military school for College Summer job Life starts catching up, works more and more, goes to class less and less. Comes back to CA Works at Greenpeace omg /hr yes yes yes Starts working in the dirty side of politics (makes 0k in a little over a year, loses it all overnight–I’ll tell you how later) Homeless (but yay for car=dry sleeping) Works odd jobs, gets a great job, loses a great job Gets involved in Sex work Dabbles in politics and keep getting screwed….reverts back to screwing for money to stay afloat.

Lives in Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, Washington, Washington DC, Florida, SF, Oakland, San Diego, Phoenix, Michigan, South Dakota, Tijuana, Berkeley, Sacramento, Now back in Orange County. Gets money loses money etc etc Gets into an awesome relationship FINALLY GOES BACK TO SCHOOL, GETS MULTIPLE JOBS, GETTING BACK ON TOP OF THINGS Loses place to live NOW: Mistakes learned, obstacles overcome, ready to go into full-awesome-overdrive. This is for reference purposes, mostly–which would explain why it’s so darn long.

Our sexuality can be trained; been trained, from birth, towards normative attractions.

A white man in England is taught from birth that the object of his sexuality is a thin, white, non-disabled cissexual woman.

I would like to argue that this dynamic also flows the other way, and that the assignation of normative sexuality at birth is also a way in which the normative position of these sexualities is reproduced and enforced.

The phrase ‘compulsory heterosexuality’ has been in use for some time but I’d like to extend this ‘compulsory sexuality’ to cover a wider (or I could say narrower) number of axes of attraction.

All people who identify as unattracted to a marginalised group, such as transsexual people, fat people, disabled people or minority-ethnic* people, have a continuing duty to challenge this part of their sexual identity.

I don’t feel quite as sure of this as I did when I first wrote it; I think this article contains some confusions around whether expressing attraction is an act of domination (or attempted domination) or a recognition of humanity, and I think those are bound up in problems of misogyny and white supremacy.

But there’s a core of the argument that I’m confident in, which is that, where attractions just seem to happen to correspond to social structures which we know are bullshit, that means there’s probably some bullshittery in those attractions too, which leads to harmful consequences, which there is an obligation to challenge and which can be challenged, though not all of them – some non-attractions/boycotts are self-protective and/or progressively political.

I don’t know anything about my biological father except that my mother got a morning glory tattoo for him, that he was a nice Jewish guy from a nice Jewish family in Florida. Mom starts losing financial backing, has gone through the million plus she had before this fiasco Mom starts dating/living with loser missionary guy who jesus said was the one for her. We move back to Mexico I run away from home x1 I get raped the second time I run away from home x2 and am assisted by Mitzy’s chief-of-police Dad and become a ward of the state and land in a children’s home in TJ for four months.

I also know that he converted to christianity and became a minister part time while working at Delta airlines in baggage claims–in Georgia and has a nice family of 2 kids and a beautiful wife. Dad busts me out of DIF (Mexico’s CPS equivalent) and we live together.

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