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This can be found in your wallet software or your wallet page (if using an online wallet).

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Please note that all Ethereum faucets, free Ethereum lotteries and Ethereum earning programs listed above are tested thoroughly.

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Usually it’s as simple as copying and pasting in your Ethereum address in the wallet address field, filling in the re Captcha and hitting the claim button.1000000000000000000 Wei = Ξ 1 Ether 1000000000000000 Kwei = Ξ 1 Ether 1000000000000 Mwei = Ξ 1 Ether 1000000000 Gwei = Ξ 1 Ether 1000000 Szabo = Ξ 1 Ether 1000 Finney = Ξ 1 Ether 1 Ether = Ξ 1 Ether 0.001 Kether = Ξ 1 Ether 0.000001 Mether = Ξ 1 Ether 0.000000001 Gether = Ξ 1 Ether 0.000000000001 Tether = Ξ 1 Ether Microwallets are used by faucets to hold your earned Ethereum until it reaches a decent amount.

Without Microwallets like Faucet BOX, e Pay and transaction fees (aka miner fees) would eat up the majority of your earnings.

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