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Also, the popularity of "love marriages" over arranged marriages has increased with changes in education and the increasing focus on women's rights.

In Pakistan, several types of exchange marriage exist.

This creates a completely symmetrical arrangement, strengthened by the implicit threat that if one husband abuses his wife, the other husband can retaliate against his sister.

Diplomatic Marriage: Marriages are arranged for political reasons, to cement alliances between royal families.

Exchange Marriage: This form of marriage involves a reciprocal exchange of spouses between two nations, groups, or tribes.

For example, among the Australian Aborigines, the ideal model of any marriage contract is that two men of different groups should marry each other's sisters.

The term "arranged marriage" is usually used to describe a marriage which involves the parents in a process of selecting marriage partners for their children, with or without the help of a matchmaker.

"Watta satta" (Urdu: وٹہ سٹہ, literally "give" and "take") is the custom of exchange brides between two clans.Since marriage is considered a marriage of the families rather than just the individuals, the process involved in an arranged marriage can be different depending on the communities and families.Generally, it involves a search for a match, exchange of information, background checks, determining the marriage logistics (dowry, house, wedding expenses etc.), arrangement of acceptance, and the beginning of an engagement period.The children are betrothed or promised to each other.Often the two children never even meet each other until the wedding ceremony, when they are both of an acceptable marriageable age—which differs based upon custom.

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