Dating and marriage in laos

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Somewhat to her astonishment, partly due to the fact that her niece had told her that falang are nothing but no-good liars and cheaters, I turned up one morning on her doorstep unannounced six weeks later, after having toured Chiang Mai and Myanmar.I wanted to travel to the South of Laos and back into Thailand. Does it strike anyone as odd that people here need two visas for travelling, the first from their government to be able to leave your own country…?This submission could also be titled "Think twice”.

Let me tell you first of all that I still like and enjoy this part of the world more than anywhere else.

They would come back later that day to have a chat with my girlfriend. Until the day before yesterday, when someone started bouncing on the door at 12.30 at night.

It turned out to be some of the same people, accompanied by a dozen militiamen with rifles patrolling outside. They asked for passports and ID cards, lease contract, and the marriage papers. Asked questions about the neighbours too, people we didn't know.

I tried to recall everything as best as I could, but wasn't really pleased with his behavior. He also wanted to know every detail about my girlfriend.

At one point I was thinking maybe they wanted to know if I was a good partner, and then I thought they were suspecting her of being a working girl.

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