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One of those human oddments there is no accounting for.When she actually saw what he had accomplished, her heart quailed.

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Under the nakedness of the works, the walled-in, one-storey adobe house, with its garden inside, and its deep inner verandah with tropical climbers on the sides. But she and he lived on in the adobe house under the works, among the flowers that were never very flowery to her. And her eldest, the boy, was nearly ten years old before she aroused from her stupor of subjected amazement.

And see great, void, tree-clad hills piling behind one another, from nowhere into nowhere. The great, sundried dead church, the dead portales, the hopeless covered market-place, where, the first time she went, she saw a dead dog lying between the meat stalls and the vegetable array, stretched out as if for ever, nobody troubling to throw it away. Everybody feebly talking silver, and showing bits of ore. He admired his wife to extinction, he admired her body, all her points.

And she was to him always the rather dazzling Californian girl from Berkeley, whom he had first known.

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