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His Facebook posts and comments are appalling: racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and overall hateful. I am desperate to block him (or, at least, unfriend him), as I’m disgusted at myself for keeping him as my “friend,” even if it’s just on Facebook.

(We never discussed it, but we simply stopped talking after he publicly revealed his true ideology.) survived the blow. I am desperate to block him and finally rid myself of this horrible person, but at the same time, I’d feel guilty if my mom lost a friend over me (even one I now loathe). Make it clear you profoundly object to his worldview.

If you two have fought about this repeatedly, and he’s refused to budge or agree on a move-out date—or at the very least take up the cooking and cleaning duties himself—then you’re already at an impasse. This was shocking, considering they seemed to be otherwise for years.

Her eldest son, “Tom,” and I were also friends, but now he’s turned out to be the biggest fanatic of the bunch, and the one who radicalized the rest.

I keep wondering why she picked my twin instead of me. A: I share your feeling that therapy sounds like a very good idea.

You may qualify for low-cost services depending on your income, or you might try remote therapy—there’s a number of Skype- or phone-based providers these days—which is also cheaper than in-person sessions.

A: I think your ultimatum sounds like a necessary one, if you are willing to stick to it.

Now, I am desperate to get over them but find myself at a loss. I have gone on dates with other people (of both genders, to see if that was the issue—it didn’t help).If even that seems prohibitively expensive, you might consider attending a support group in your area like Co DA.Meetings are free, some are available online, and “the only requirement for membership is a desire for healthy and loving relationships.” Your decision not to share this with your sister or her girlfriend is, I think, a wise one, and while I can’t promise that this is going to go away overnight, I do think that with therapeutic work and assistance you will find things get better.I have stayed out of his relationship with his daughter “Jessica.” I don’t think highly of her—she has been given every advantage in life and squandered it.She got pregnant in college and failed out (we paid for that), and managed to wreck her car (that her mother gave her).

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