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diese woche haben wir zucchini und bundmöhren in unserer biokiste, mir ist nach puffern – aber ich mag einfach nicht »etwas in fett auszubacken« (ich esse es gerne – mags aber selber nicht machen), also ein versuch puffer im backofen zu machen – und – wir fanden sie superlecker!

2 zucchini, fein geraspelt (etwa 350 g) | 1 kleine zwiebel, klein gehackt | 1 knoblauchzehe, fein gehackt | 2-3 karotten, geraspelt (etwa 150 g) | 100 g haferflocken | 100 g raspelkäse | 3 eier | salz, pfeffer | ausserdem: kräuterquark zum servieren in einer grossen schüssel zucchini, karotten, knoblauch und zwiebel gut vermischen und ordentlich mit salz und pfeffer abschmecken, die eier, die haferflocken und den käse untermischen und erneut gut vermischen.

Because she is so beautiful, she also has the most tourists visiting her clay in the world and is currently experiencing a permanent strike.

She also has good and smart diplomacy, noblesse oblige.

But her birthday is in 25th December, the day of the baptism of king Clovis the 1st and the symbolic alliance between frankish and gaulish powers. The French election ended on May 7 and the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron defeated far right candidate Marine Le Pen.A long period of self-fulfillment continued in this context.Franceball developed new architecture as the "french art" (alias gothic), new recipes, her language, her courteous feeling and a new concept of chivalry that are so fashion.Franceball conquered a very large part of the planet but is told not to be good at fighting by USAball, because of her paranoia in WW2 despite of the final ass kicking of Germanyball.But usually, she tags along with USAball with Middle-Eastern conflicts (Even told so, Franceball military-talking the most powerful European ball, and she hides a dark side of military pride, Napoleonic and Crusader dreams).

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