Block microsoft office from updating

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Just like them, it can also turn off automatic Office 2016 update. Office 2016 comes with several new features and improvements.To utilize it further, at first, download the software for Windows 10 and install it. Although, this is not a new feature that blocks Office updates, but still you can make use of this option.Office 2016 is an awesome new edition of Microsoft Office package.Although, Office 2013 and Office 2016 look quite same, but Office 2016 products have more options to customize it.That’s because Microsoft Office 2016 comes with the auto update feature, which is enabled by default, so that it will automatically update without informing you.The auto update feature saves users from manually updating.It can disable all the things that Microsoft uses to gather user information through Windows 10.You can do different things including disable location, disable password reveal button, disable automatic Windows updates and more others.

If you are using the new Microsoft Office 2016 on Windows, you may find it automatically updates every now and then when the network is available on your computer.Generally, you should always install all the Windows and Office updates. If you have previously got such experience and do not want to install any further update of Office 2016, here is a solution.Whenever, Microsoft finds a bug or they get reported for a bug, they launch an update to fix that. These three methods are working and they will let you block all the new updates within moments.Sometime, Microsoft sends updates to provide tiny improvements or new options. You should never ignore any Windows or Office update. If you are using Windows 10, you can find the solution very easily.Not only Windows 10, but also, this setting is available in previous Windows versions as well. Now, just uncheck the option that says “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows”. Now, Windows will ignore all the other products including Microsoft Office when it will search for updates.

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