Be2 dating fax number

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Good luck to every one been bitten by be2 dating ..LETS STICK IT UP EMThe only way that I managed to get out of the membership with be2, was to order a new visa-card for my account.If Be2 want to be taken seriously they should atleast send a e-amil back when somebody contacts them, but....I too have tried to get my money back from this site.I have yet to get any satisfactory solution from Be2.I plan to escalate to the legal authorities in my country now to investigate and to see if they can help me.I don't want others to have to go through this and if Be2 are a scam the world should know about it.

It seems that we are all having the same kind of problem with be2.

I have successfully met a number of gentlemen on other NZ sites and we have become good friends.

I only tried Be2 because it is based on personality type. Got me a premium membership but the site was...well, to put it like this, I wanted out fast again.

It is such a hassle to have to deal with automated mail.

This site has ripped me off another 0.00 as I have tried to cancel my membership but they have not responded and have not given access in order for me to do this.

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