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On top of that, there is nothing currently in a jet that will detect if pilots aren’t getting the right amount of oxygen and then automatically switch over to an emergency supply.So, for now, the issue is identified but unresolved.“Crew safety is a top priority for us, and we’ll continue to be a proactive partner on the way forward.” The Navy has also been training pilots in simulators with a device that induces hypoxia so it can recognize the symptoms and learn how to deal with them.And the Navy is also providing pilots with portable hypobaric recording watches that may alert them if cabin pressurization fails, as well as devices that measure and record cabin pressure changes for post-flight review.The Navy told Fox News this week that hypoxia, or a loss of oxygen, was a “possible contributing factor” in at least three fatal F/A-18 crashes. De Wolfe Miller, director of the Air Warfare Division for the U. Navy, confirmed that from 2015 to 2016 some models of the F/A-18 experienced as much as a 90 percent increase in potentially deadly physiological events.Three active-duty F/A-18 pilots, who spoke to Fox News under the condition that their name not be used, said they are putting their lives in danger just by getting behind the controls of an aging fighter jet.“When I go flying in combat, what’s more likely to kill me is not getting shot down by enemy fire,” said one of the F/A-18 pilots.

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Moran promised to “provide a full and open accounting to our aviation community, their families, and the public.” Vice Adm.

He said he basically felt like he was “intoxicated.” “I remember having trouble thinking.

I obviously had trouble performing procedures, and I definitely did not have awareness of how much trouble we were in,” he said.

Trump asks Boeing to price-out 'comparable' F-18 Super Hornet to Lockheed's F-35 “If you ask 10 aircrew: ‘What are you most scared of?

’” he said, "nine out of 10 would probably say, 'OBOGS failure or decompression.'” Two of these three pilots said they have experienced hypoxia-like episodes in the cockpit.

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